Hole-Punch Clouds (Fallstreak Hole)

You might not find the once rare, hole-punch cloud (fallstreak hole) among the “new clouds” listed in the revised International Cloud Atlas.

Not surprisingly the number of “new clouds” being generated by geoengineering is the same as the number of chemical mixtures used for aerosol distribution in chemtrails.

What are Hole-Punch clouds?

Hole-punch clouds point to an atmospheric release of electrical charge potential, subtle perturbations following from how the technology serving geoengineering multiplies and releases ions into the lower atmosphere, to increase power density for military operations.

Control over the electromagnetic potential of Earth’s atmospheric layers is key to fulfilling the doctrine of “full spectrum dominance.”

Phased-array Doppler radar facilities (ground, air, and satellite-based) can focus the microwave energy needed for this cascade of atmospheric ions.

By the way, the inclusion of rainbows, halos (sun dogs), snow devils, and hailstones in the revised International Cloud Atlas is . . . odd . . . but no odder than lumping anthropogenic plasma-cloud production via chemtrails and radio frequency and microwaves in with Nature’s clouds!

Excerpts from “Under in Ionized sky from Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown” by Elana Freeland

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