Signs in the sky: Greasy rainbows, neon clouds, oil slick spots, petrol blobs! What tha . . . ?

  • Where are these colorful but “oily spots” coming from?
  • What is causing “greasy rainbows” in the sky?
  • Is the debris tail of Planet X (Nibiru) involved?
  • If so, where did the grease come from and how did it get into our skies?

As we can see with our own eyes, “signs in the sky” are on the uptick and have been for some time now. Since Planet X (Nibiru) entered the inner solar system in 2003, unusual sky phenomena have become part of the new normal:

• Greasy rainbow displays
• Halos around sun & moon
• Neon and noctilucent clouds
• Blazing red sunsets
• Blood colored moon
• Light towers
Petrol blobs
Why is this happening now?

Planet X (Nibiru) transits our part of the solar system every 3,650 years or so, give or take a year or two.  It is here now!

What’s happening?

Planet X (Nibiru) drags along a massive debris tail. The Zetas of ZetaTalk say that greasy chemical elements from this tail, now in our atmosphere, are the cause of unusual displays in the sky. The chemistry of our atmosphere has been changed.

What’s in the tail?

In addition to a collection of moons, Planet X (Nibiru) trails a massive tail of space debris attracted during its travels. Among many other things, there are elements of petrochemicals in the tail, as well as a cloud of red, iron-oxide dust that surrounds it, giving it a blood red color when viewed from Earth. The blood red skies we now see around sunset are also colored by this red dust.

Just as rainbows can be seen in oil smears on a road, greasy rainbows can be seen in Earth’s more-oily atmosphere. When viewed from Earth, these petroleum compounds create oily smears that appear not only as oily rainbows, but also as halos around the sun or moon, neon clouds, and oily blobs of color.

Haze is another aspect of this oily substance. Like light shining through fog, sunlight is deflected and scattered creating a bright hazy appearance.

Where did the petrochemicals come from?

During its travels through the galaxy, Planet X (Nibiru) has smashed and destroyed many planets. Much of this debris has become part of its tail. Per the Zetas, the oily petroleum-like substance is the result of rotting vegetation and dead creatures collected from these destroyed planets.

Sooooo, what can we expect?

Expect to see a lot more of them as the pole shift nears. These displays and signs in the sky are now part of Earth’s new normal.

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