Why so many airplane crashes? Could “ripples” in ionosphere be the cause?

HAARP experiments, CERN, the ionosphere, and airplane crashes

“Ripples” in the magnetosphere can cause airplanes to literally drop from the sky.

Have HAARP experiments damaged the ionosphere and weakened the magnetosphere? CERN in tandem with scalar interferometers like HAARP is no doubt complicit as well, but could also offset impact on the magnetosphere.

Rumors about CERN flew when on March 24, 2015, Germanwings Airbus A320 went from a cruising altitude of 38,000 feet to a rapid decent over the French Alps, 127 miles from CERN.

The German jetliner en route from Barcelona, Spain, to Düsseldorf, Germany, plunged from the sky and slammed into the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board. Only 10% of airplane crashes occur after a plane reaches cruising altitude.

Note: Disruption of the magnetosphere also means that more gamma-rays and X-rays can access our atmosphere.

So, could “Ripples” in the ionosphere be the cause of so many airplane crashes . . . in basically the same time frame? Coincidence or connection? As always you be the judge of that!

Excerpt from “Under an Ionized Sky from Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown,” by Elana Freeland

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