Chemtrails – Bottom line, we are ALL being sprayed . . . like bugs!

Just “look up” at the sky!

Whether you look at the documented evidence by many who have spoken out or you simply “look up at the sky” and see lingering trails from jets expand in form into much larger noctilucent clouds that opaque the sky, the bottom line is – and the evidence is overwhelming – we are all being sprayed like bugs!

You will often see spraying occur directly ahead of incoming storms to help inoculate the clouds with greater dispersion and effect.

You may not have noticed but geoengineered spraying is also conducted at night, when certain factors or evening energies are more beneficial for chemical reactions needed. Chemtrails can easily be seen at night during the time of bright moonlight, say from the gibbous to the full moon.

Documented evidence is elaborated on by the US Air Force’s document aptly titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” prepared and presented in 1997. This paper considers such concepts as:

  • Hole boring for surveillance
  • Use of space mirrors for night battlefield illumination 
  • Modifying the environment 
  • Enforcement of curfews and similar civil control measures 
  • Use of “carbon black” to retarget precipitation, fog dissipation, and cirrus enhancement

In the US Air Force document header it states: “The difficulty, cost, and risk of the developing a weather control system for military applications are extremely high. However the potential benefits for national security could be even higher. Enemy weather modification weapons are possibilities which like it or not may be possible and must be considered.”

Excerpts from James W. Lee’s book, “ Geoengineering: a.k.a. Chemtrails and Humanity’s 6th Great Extinction Event” (2017)

Keep your eyes on the skies! We are ALL being sprayed like bugs!

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