What are those squiggly lines in the clouds? They look like tire tracks in the sky!

It is said “One picture is worth 1,000 words.” Well these pictures speak volumes!

Plasma clouds and cloud cover simply do not look like the moisture particulate clouds of yesterday. Nano particles have changed all that!

Below; Electromagnetic (EM) pulsing of frequencies seen in the clouds in Antarctica.

South Sandwich Islands, Antarctica
September 21, 2017
Photograph by V. Susan Ferguson

EM pulsing of frequencies from Sherry Heler Haskin, Texas

And then there is “smart dust” Already in use, being daily delivered.

Chemical signatures indicate the clouds are
no longer simply moisture and random volcanic or micro dust particles.

I took the following two pictures in Plymouth, Massachusetts in March 2022.

Sunset, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Sunset in Plymouth, Massachusetts

V. Susan Ferguson took the following picture (from “Under an Ionized Sky”) and gave the following explanation.

“The once pristine Olympic Peninsula of Washington State is now the US Navy electronic warfare (EW) zone. I am constantly aware of operations being conducted overhead.”

“in December 2015, a friend suggested I hold a flashlight up to the night sky to see the particles the Navy was spraying to enhance their radar and EW weapons. The beam of light picked up a thick stream of tiny particles flowing downward.”

“Later when I turned the flashlight back on again, I was stunned and horrified to see that the particles were still adhering to the lens. This is the photo I took”

Sprayed particles adhering to flashlight lens
V Susan Ferguson

We are being besieged by meta-material assemblies that debilitate the planetary biosphere built and maintained for untold eons by an extraordinary spiritual power we call Nature.

Here’s a thought – something to chew on— what if chemtrails go completely invisible and future generations believe that perpetually milky baby-blue skies in the day and no stars at night is natural.”

Are the unstudied synergies forming among chemicals, radiation, nanos, and living beings leaving chronic immune deficiency illness and dying species in their secret wake?

As far as I know, we still have free will and are entitled to opinions. So, as always, you’ll be the judge of that!

Excerpts from Elana Freeland’s book, “Under an Ionized Sky from Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown” (2018).

See also “Bottom Line . . . We are ALL being sprayed . . . like bugs!

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