“Propaganda” outlines Edward Bernays early prescient vision for regimenting the “collective mind.” )

What does it mean if someone is prescient? Having prescience or knowledge of things or events before they exist or happen; having foresight: 

A fascinating and controversial look at how government and corporations may be able control how we think and act.

In a world dominated by political spin and media manipulation “Propaganda” is an essential read for all who wish to understand how power is used by the so-called “ruling elite” of our society.

About the author

The nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays (1891-1995) pioneered the scientific technique of shaping and manipulating public opinion, which he called “engineering of consent.”

During World War I, he was an integral part of the US Committee of Public Information (CPI), a powerful propaganda machine that advertised and sold the war to the American people as one that would “Make The World Safe for Democracy.” (Hmmmm?)

It was said, the marketing strategies for all future wars would be based on the CPI model, earning him the moniker of “Father of Public Relations.”

Among his powerful clients were President Coolidge, Procter & Gamble, the American Tobacco company, and General Electric.

In addition, it is said that his propaganda campaign for the United Fruit Company in the early 1950s lead directly to the CIA overthrow of the elected government of Guatemala.

And always, you be the judge of that!

Excerpted from “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays.

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