Just Looking for . . . a “Plausible” Explanation?

Here you see images of trees burning from the inside out and from the ground up only, while trees and shrubs around them remain untouched.

How can trees be on fire from the inside out . . . while surrounding trees and forest remain untouched or unaffected by fire?

Shrubs in brush remain untouched . . . ?

A possible explanation is as follows:

Aluminum is a powerful conductor of electricity and heat. Aluminum oxide from aerosol spraying (chemtrails) caused intake up through the tree roots and was ignited from the ground up (raises more questions, doesn’t it?)

Geoengineered nano-sized particles contained in the aerosols are infinitesimally fine dust, also known as “Smart Dust.” These particles are metal, and “they do” coat the leaves, the duff (dead plant material) below the tree canopy, and fuel sources on the ground.

When this “smart dust” ignites, which it does because it is not in its dense form, an unnatural, tremendous quantity of heat is generated.

This is one possible explanation for “how trees can be on fire from the inside out yet the surrounding trees and forest remain unaffected by fire.” But it raises more questions like who and why and for what purpose?

James Lee and more than 20 other people provided verbal and written testimonies during the Sonoma County fires in October 2017, that they saw blue flashes in the sky in both the Santa Rosa fires and Paradise fires and presented this evidence to local fire departments.

Below actual photographs taken during the morning of the Paradise fires (from James Lee’s book). They have not been retouched. Even though most lasers are invisible to the eye, blue beams can clearly be seen because the air is excited by the microwave weaponry, as well as soot and dust being kicked up, thus allowing the laser to make blue light visible.

The picture below clearly shows beams of light descending on the now infamous “Burning Tree of Paradise” above the Dollar General in the Paradise, California, shopping center next to Kmart.

Burning Tree of Paradise

Looking for commonsense answers . . .

What caused trees to burn from the inside out only? Nature, coincidence, or targeted concerted attacks. As always, you be the judge of that!

Excerpts from “Paradise Lost: The Great California Fire Chronicles” by James W. Lee

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