Firenado: “Newly Minted” Weather Term

Pyro cumulonimbus = an explosive storm cloud actually created by the smoke and heat from a wildfire: the fire creates its own weather system

Firenado (aka fire whirl, fire tornado, apocalyptic twister, etc.) = Powerful fire whirls with fierce winds (estimated in excess of 143 mph, equivalent to EF3 tornado) that extend miles into the air, capable of flipping cars and even a fire truck, as they did during the California fires.

Anomalously, they have been known to torch boats on the water, blow out homes from the inside out, melt guard rails while leaving the wood unscathed and nearby trees untouched . . . as if some “force of directed energy” was used to torch certain areas only, as in the California fires – for example, the Paradise Fire, the Woolsey Fire, the Thomas Fire, and many more.

But then you be the judge of that!

Statements made by firefighters at such fires frequently include this one, “I’ve never seen any fire act like this before!”

(Excerpts from “ Paradise Lost: The great California fire Chronicles” by James W Lee)

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