Former Technical Weapons Expert says, “5G is a weapons system, nothing more, nothing less”

Weaponized 5G LED Street Lights

Former IEEE Technical Weapons Expert Mark Steele spoke forcefully about the dangers of 5G in the recent LED street light roll out worldwide: “5G is a weapon system, nothing more, nothing less.”

5G and “beamforming” – weapons capability that, according to Steele, is now being brought to the streets.

Former IEEE Technical Weapons expert, Mark Steele, has taken apart the new common LED street lights that are in every city of every state of most countries. He has taken out the guts of the LED street lights to show the weaponization of these lights (that Steele says could possibly have been another causal factor in the California fires). The technology is known and has been available for years, he says.

Offering a close study of the antenna systems hardware mounted on street lights Steele notes that the complicated chipset and dielectric antenna lens denote beamforming or weapons capability, which is now being brought to the streets

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in a video describing 5G explains that “beamforming” is indeed an aspect of 5G, a means of sending directed millimeter wave radiation directly to a target, such as for instance a cell phone.

But what it also implied says Steele is the capability to direct a precision beam of high energy pulse at a human such as the human holding the cell phone or any humans in the way of the transmission.

Steele says the biological effects of this intense radiation on humans “must be known,” and there is already a lot of information from scientific studies about the “harm caused to humans” by Wi-Fi radiation.

Installations on streetlights and on the multiple small cells envisioned by 5G rollout maestros would flood residences – all human homes in cities – with damaging, pulsating radiation.

Excerpted from James W Lee’s book entitled “Paradise Lost: The Great California Fire Chronicles“

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