Is Planet X (Nibiru) “the real reason” for the Feds’ EARTH EX2017 exercise on August 23? You bet!

1-Black sky event

  • What is a “Black Sky” event and what does it have to do with Planet X (Nibiru)?
  • How will we survive “when” the power goes out and stays out?
  • What happens to nuclear reactors when the power goes out and stays out? Think Fukushima!

When Planet X (Nibiru) entered the inner solar system in 2003, power outages and blackouts worldwide became the new normal. Per the Zetas of ZetaTalk, when Planet X (Nibiru)’s north pole turned away from the sun, its charged debris tail pointed directly at Earth causing worldwide blackouts. Between August and November 2003, massive blackouts occurred in: United States, Canada, Malaysia, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, and Chile, as well as in Mexico, Russia, Finland, and Australia on the same day.

Coincidence? No way!

So now, as Planet X (Nibiru) moves ever closer to Earth, the Feds have scheduled an EarthEX2017 exercise for Wednesday, August 23, 2017, in preparation for something they call a “Black Sky” event.

A Black Sky Event involves simultaneous, widespread power outages across a country, a catastrophic occurrence that can bring society to its knees.

The-powers-that-be (TPTB) are not yet ready to publicly disclose that Planet X (Nibiru) is the “real reason” for the sudden rush to prepare for massive power outages. They know that it is not “if a Black Sky event occurs,” but “when a Black Sky event occurs.” It’s only a matter of time, and time is running out. Tick-tock!

Black Sky events in 2017

Black Sky events are happening now on a somewhat smaller scale worldwide with increasing frequency. In April 2017, blackouts occurred (in the exact same time frame) on both US coasts – in New York City and San Francisco. In early July, Central America was hit with unexplained outages affecting a massive area. And on August 15, Taiwan suffered a massive power blackout that affected close to 7 million households amid sweltering heat. Power outages will only increase as the time of the Pole Shift nears.

  • EARTH EX2017, a joint exercise involving the military, Homeland Security, FEMA, Department of Energy, NOAA, and others, will simulate “malicious or natural Black Sky hazards that create long-duration power outages and cascading failure of all other interdependent infrastructures.” 

Unfortunately, the Feds failed to mention the “real reason” for EarthEX2017 in their description, that is, the approaching 90-degree shift of Earth on its axis caused by Planet X (Nibiru).

Of course, when this occurs, TPTB and the so-called elite, who have been preparing for this Black Sky event for years, will be safe and snug in their underground bunkers and other shelters, with huge stashes of food and necessities tucked away with them.

But what about us?

So, what do we do “when” the pole shift occurs and power goes out and stays out (perhaps permanently)? What do we do when all Black Sky hazards happen simultaneously?  What happens to us when we find ourselves isolated and completely on our own in emergency response and survival issues?

Cities will become death traps leaving people stranded without food or water. But, how will we travel with roads torn up or flooded and bridges nonexistent? And even if we could travel, without power, things like gas and supplies will be also be nonexistent.

And, what about your location? How safe is it with regard to sloshing and rapidly rising oceans and flooding rivers, erupting volcanoes, and nuclear plant meltdowns?

Think about how quickly store shelves empty out in advance of a hurricane or winter storm.  Perhaps it is best to stock up on food, water and other necessities now in preparation for a time when all hell breaks loose and travel is not an option.

Suggestion, do what the preppers do!

  • Start a food storage plan (restaurants and grocery stores bare)
  • Have a bugout bag handy (items needed to survive 72 hours or longer when evacuating from a disaster) or an INCH (I’m never coming home) bag (large survival kit critical to survival following a disaster)
  • Check out safe locations, away from sloshing seas, rising oceans, nuclear power plants, etc.
  • Evacuation plan – electricity could be out indefinitely; with no roads and gas pumps not working, how will you move to a safe location

Planet X (Nibiru) is already causing EMP events worldwide, from power outages to electrical device fires. It will cause massive earthquakes that disrupt food distribution and set oil and gas networks afire. It will cause devastation across continents and oceans and helping hands from elsewhere will not be available.

Think about how many of the things we take for granted will disappear in an instant when the power goes out. Do your own prepper research NOW!


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