Is Planet X (Nibiru) “the real reason” for the Feds’ EARTH EX2017 exercise on August 23? You bet!

What is a "Black Sky" event and what does it have to do with Planet X (Nibiru)? How will we survive “when” the power goes out and stays out? What happens to nuclear reactors when the power goes out and stays out? Think Fukushima! When Planet X (Nibiru) entered the inner solar system in 2003,... Continue Reading →

What happens to the Internet if a catastrophic event cuts undersea cables

This "string of cable cuts" was said to be caused by anchors ripping through the cables. Huh? At the same time? In different countries? Causing simultaneous damage to lines through the Middle East? Could sharks or fishing nets cause simultaneous cable cuts in multiple countries? Coincidence?

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