Sanctions and hunger bite “citizens” of North Korea . . . not Kim Jong-un

Why are North Korean boats and bodies washing up on Japanese coasts?  Are citizens of North Korea sinking under sanctions? Are sanctions and hunger beginning to bite? Is there humanitarian crises inside closed borders of North Korea? Are conditions for most North Koreans horrendous? If so, why is this man smiling? North Korean boats are... Continue Reading →

Countdown signs for Planet X-caused pole shift on uptick – Blood red skies, red waters, green fireballs, more

(Featured image by Fred Apire : Blood red waters stun Timur Kalimantan residents in Indonesia. Nov 26, 2017.) As Planet X, known by many names including Nibiru, moves through our solar system, its powerful gravitation pull gathers a vast entourage – an immense, wafting, charged tail composed of a fine, iron-oxide red dust and space stragglers... Continue Reading →

Debris from China’s 8.5 ton, out-of-control space station incoming. Heads up!

Space station damaged; China no longer controlling it  Space debris incoming, but who knows where or when? Falling to Earth sometime late 2017 or early 2018 "Hopefully," it will burn up entirely! If not, could debris hit a populated area?  In a press conference in September 2016, Chinese space agency officials confirmed what many observers long... Continue Reading →

Ooops . . . there goes another crane collapse or two . . . Kerplop! This time St. Louis is the target

What's going on in downtown St. Louis? Does it have anything to do with the Earth wobble? Sinkholes swallowed crane in October, forklift and driver in August, and car in June Why are sinkholes all the rage now in St. Louis, Missouri? Is it "normal" for streets to collapse and sinkholes to open swallowing vehicles in downtown... Continue Reading →

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