Is the Mississippi River draining into New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ)? Ground cracking? Why?

Is Mississippi River in the NMSZ going dry?  Why is Mississippi river so low around Memphis? Just how low is it?  Where is all the water going? Is there a connection between earthquakes, cracking ground, and a draining Mississippi? Is water leaking down into NMSZ? The mighty Mississippi River is very low in some places... Continue Reading →

Did incoming fireball from outer space ignite massive wildfire in NH?

Witness sees large object smash into mountain just before fire starts Did incoming fireball ignite massive New Hampshire wildfire?  More than 50 acres in the White Mountains torched On Tuesday morning, October 3, 2017, a massive wildfire broke out in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The fire, reported at 6:20 a.m. EDT,  spread to... Continue Reading →

5.3 quake in Idaho followed by swarm of more than 100 smaller quakes

Four separate earthquakes in southeastern Idaho Largest a 5.3 (per USGS) 11 miles east of Soda Springs 5.3 quake followed swarm of more than 100 smaller quakes Unusual in magnitude and frequency of quakes SODA SPRINGS, Idaho — The USGS reported four separate quakes Saturday evening, in an area about 63 miles from Pocatello and... Continue Reading →

Climate change catastrophes not in some distant future . . . NOW

Kiss the Earth goodbye, the late, great Planet Earth Scorching temperatures and wildfires Massive hurricanes and flooded cities Climate change realities hitting the world "HARD" In midst of climate catastrophe, Trump curbs regulations Weather anomalies are intensifying and on the increase, to the point where they can no longer be denied. Climate change, once considered an... Continue Reading →

Swarm of 51 earthquakes overnight in Idaho about 100 miles from Yellowstone

Quake swarm rumbles thru SE Idaho near Yellowstone supervolcano Ongoing swarm at Yellowstone supervolcano largest ever recorded – more than 2,300 tremors since June. Is there a connection between quake swarm in Idaho and Yellowstone supervolcano? Overnight from Saturday night to Sunday morning (Sept 2-3, 2017), a “swarm of 51 earthquakes” rattled Soda Springs in... Continue Reading →

Yet another bright green fireball blazes across East Coast skies Friday, August 25

On Friday, August 25, 2017, a bright green fireball blazed a path across the northeastern skies of the United States. The Virginia-based Fauquier Times reported that "A bright green fireball was spotted across Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia about 9:14 pm, prompting more than 50 reports to the American Meteor Society. A high concentration of... Continue Reading →

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