Dinosaurs never saw extinction event coming: Mass extinction 2.0, Jobs

There’s a lively debate today about what impact the fourth industrial revolution — artificial intelligence and robots— will have on the human job market. Will it devastate it or invigorate it? Your guess is as good as mine! Like the dinosaurs, 56-year-old Georgia resident Sherry Johnson never it coming. Robots put her out of work,... Continue Reading →

Transhuman: Perfect Integration of Human and Machine. Are we building our future conquerors?

With such profound changes in the offing, we are being forced to reconsider “exactly who or what we are.” Are we nothing more than complicated machines?Can we be replicated and therefore replaced? Worse are we in danger of becoming subjugated by robots and other superlative machines machines?Are we already slaves to our own inventiveness? Michael... Continue Reading →

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