EMP Bomb Test: STARFISH PRIME Weapons Test (1962)

The STARFISH PRIME Weapons Test in 1962 involved firing a 1.4 megaton nuke 250 miles above the Pacific. Electromagnetic surges traveled as far as Hawaii, about 900 miles away, causing damage to some telephone company equipment, making streetlights flicker, and garage doors open and close by themselves. There were no power outages, phone lines did... Continue Reading →

Dinosaurs never saw extinction event coming: Mass extinction 2.0, Jobs

There’s a lively debate today about what impact the fourth industrial revolution — artificial intelligence and robots— will have on the human job market. Will it devastate it or invigorate it? Your guess is as good as mine! Like the dinosaurs, 56-year-old Georgia resident Sherry Johnson never it coming. Robots put her out of work,... Continue Reading →

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