Is there a connection between wildlife albinism and Nibiru? You decide!

What is an albino? What's causing increased wildlife albinism and why now? Chief Looking Horse remembers Wildlife albinos worldwide What is an albino?Definition of an albino: An albino is a person, animal, or plant with a marked deficiency in pigmentation. It is a person or animal with pale skin, light hair, pinkish eyes, and visual abnormalities... Continue Reading →

Does the solar cycle (Sun) affect terrestrial organisms (like us)? You bet!

Did you know that geomagnetic disturbances can influence terrestrial organisms and humans “en mass”? Does human unrest peak when solar activity peaks? It would seem so! These questions come under the domain of Heliobiology, a branch of “Biophysics” that studies the influence of changes in solar activity on terrestrial organisms. It is well documented that... Continue Reading →

Poseidon, Apocalyptic Torpedo

What is Poseidon? Russia's "intercontinental, nuclear armed, nuclear-powered, undersea autonomous torpedo.” Poseidon is intended to serve as a response to U.S. withdrawal from the ABM treaty and to increase the Russian capability to overcome the US missile defense systems, like anti-ballistic missiles, railguns, laser weapons, etc. Poseidon’s warhead can contaminate a large area with radiation.... Continue Reading →

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