Chiromancy – Palm Reading

Chiromancy — palm reading— is an ancient method of predicting the future and interpreting a person’s personality from the pattern of the lines of their hands. Many believe the lines on the palm reveal character and destiny.

Sometimes these lines form numbers and letters. One of these letters may be the letter


Some people have an “M” in one hand and others have it in both!

The letter M is a sign of truly special people who are endowed with extraordinary intuition. They make the ideal partners for any business.

If the people you love have the special letter M inside the palm, you have to know that you can’t lie, cheat, or fool them in any way, as these highly intelligent and intuitive, people can “easily tell” if they’re being lied to or scammed.

Those with an M on their palms have strong intuition and are endowed with the power to manage and overcome any obstacle in life. They know how to exploit the resources and opportunities offered to them.

According to popular tradition, the M on your palm is a sign characteristic Prophets. So, if you have the letter M on your palm, you are indeed special and truly blessed!.

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