Mind Control: The Zombie Effect

Sometimes a weapon comes along that is so crazy in design that we have a hard time putting it into a category. We have decided to call them “exotic weapons.” Swords of Might

How to use mind control to create the so-called “zombie effect,” according to Igor Smirnov.

“People’s actions can in fact be controlled by unnoticed acoustic influence. It’s easy,” says Smirnov.

Smirnov says, “All I have to do is record my voice, apply special coding which converts my voice to mirror noise, and afterwards all we have to do is record some music on top of that.”

He says, “The words are indistinguishable to your conscious; however, your unconscious can hear them clearly.

“If we were to play this music over and over again on the radio, for instance, people will soon start developing paranoia. This is the simplest weapon.”

“An image can also be coded.”

(“Mind Control: The Zombie Effect,” Pravda.ru, November 10, 2004)

Academician Igor Smirnov of the Russian Academy of Sciences is often referred to as a father of “psychotropic weapons.” At the age of 28, he became the head of a laboratory in Russia’s first Medical Institute. He is the author of numerous sensational discoveries.

Back then, he was faced with a task to “create” human-geniuses, who would be capable of becoming great scientists, magnificent inventors.

Smirnov’s main goal was to make those people use the reserves of their own psyche. His first top-secret experiment in psycho-reconnaissance was carried out in 1984.

Professor Smirnov possesses several dozens patents on various inventions. Nowadays, staff researchers of Russia’s Scientific Research Institute continue to conduct in-depth studies of human psyche under Dr. Smirnov’s direct guidance. See more at https://english.pravda.ru/science/7346-a/

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