Normalcy Bias and Subliminal Programs: Accepting geo-engineering into our thinking without asking “Why?”

What is normalcy bias?  “Normalcy bias” is a form of mind control. It gets you to think a certain way without questioning “why” you think that way.

TV programming is called that for a reason. Advertising and business marketing mind-control specialists use subliminal messaging to program geoengineering activities (aka chemtrails) in ads, so that we will assume the persistent chemicals sprayed in our skies are a “normal phenomenon” without questioning “why” we think this way.

“Normalcy bias” creates common imagery through subliminal messaging into our subconscious memory banks. When we look at something, our brain tries to identify what the light is presenting to us. If our memory bank blinks on an image from a media device (computer, phone, etc.), “normal bias” takes over and, for example, many of us think that “mass sky painting,” (aka chemtrails) is “normal!”

Excerpts from “Geoengineering a.k.a. Chemtrails and Humanity’s Sixth Great Extinction Event”by James W Lee

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