Is there a connection between wildlife albinism and Nibiru? You decide!

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    • What is an albino?
    • What’s causing increased wildlife albinism and why now?
    • Chief Looking Horse remembers
    • Wildlife albinos worldwide

    What is an albino?

    Definition of an albino: An albino is a person, animal, or plant with a marked deficiency in pigmentation. It is a person or animal with pale skin, light hair, pinkish eyes, and visual abnormalities resulting from a hereditary inability to produce the pigment melanin. One having a congenital absence of pigment in the skin, hair, or fur (usually white) and the eyes (usually pink).

    (Excerpt from ZetaTalk 6/15/1996) Albinism, assumed to be a genetic quirk, occurs naturally in all forms of life, some with more rarity than others. An albino emerges when the normal production of color compounds is suppressed, but “this is the effect not the cause.”

    What’s causing increased albinism and why now?

    Could Nibiru be the cause? Why now? Because it’s close approach to Earth agitates Earth’s core, resulting in the emission of greater and greater radiation bursts. Radiation influences coloration.

    What may not be as widely known is that radiation has two “coloration switches” – one increases coloration under certain radiation frequencies, while the other reduces coloration under different radiation frequencies.

    For example, there is an increase in coloration (tanning) when skin is exposed sunlight, while there is an almost total absence of color in creatures who live in darkness, such as in caves or at the bottom of the ocean. To surface creatures, these greater bursts of radiation are triggering adaptation of their DNA, creating albinism.

    Chief Looking Horse remembers

    Before 1994, only one birth of a white buffalo birth was reported (1933 in Montana). Since then, albino births have been on the increase and surface animals like the White Buffalo and others, are heeding signals from the restless Earth as it heralds the approach of the pole shift. Chief Arvol Looking Horse was born on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota in 1954. In an excerpt from the Lincoln Journal Star article, “Looking Horse Remembers“:

    Looking Horse remembers the birth of Miracle, the white buffalo calf, born Aug 20, 1994, in Janesville, Wisconsin. He was among thousands who made pilgrimages to see Miracle, the white buffalo calf. According to Chief Looking Horse, three more white buffalo calves were born in North Dakota, Michigan, and South Dakota, within four years of Miracle’s birth. He also heard of a white buffalo in Wyoming, but he’d never saw that animal. 

    Wildlife albinos worldwide

    As far back as 1994, the Zetas of ZetaTalk predicted an increase in wildlife albinism in the coming years. As Earth’s core is increasingly agitated by the passage of Planet X (aka Nibiru), more albinism is seen and reported worldwide, from China to India to Australia to North America. In 2007, a pink dolphin was sighted; in 2008, a pink fawn and a white orca were photographed, and so on.

    Check some out below:

  • A rare albino whitetail stag spotted in Illinois, August 2022.
  • An albino moose spotted taking a dip in a lake in Sweden’s Varmland County (Sept 2022)
  • Albino koala (Sept 2022)
  • Luna, Albino sparrow, saved from cat’s clutches in New Zealand; pink eyes and legs
  • Albino penguin, in Gdansk, Poland zoo; all-white, African black-foot penguin born December 14, 2018.
  • Albino ringed seal with pink eyes, white claws and fur caught in seal nets; perished before it could be rescued; may be only albino seal ever caught in Canada (Dec 2018)
  • Albino raccoon in Ontario Canada, Jan 2019.
  • Tennessee backyard (October 2018); albino raccoon live trapped in Collierville family’s backyard; released into state park.
  • Albino cardinal (Sept 2018) in Ohio; caught by dog but not injured.
  • Albino hedgehog named Jericho (Aug 2018) at Barlby’s Wildlife Orphans.
  • Albino cobra in Sarni, India (Aug 2018); rescued from field near thermal plant
  • As predicted by the Zetas in ZetaTalk and others many years ago, the White Buffalo appeared on schedule.

    As Nibiru continues to agitate Earth’s  core, all manner of particle flow aberrations will be created. And, also as predicted, wildlife albinism will continue to increase due to increasing emanations from Earth’s core caused by Nibiru, as we move toward the pole shift.

    Believe or don’t believe. Prepare or don’t prepare. We all have free will, and as always, the choice is yours.

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