Could an intense CME-caused, geomagnetic storm or EMP bomb zap us right back to the Stone Age?

The Carrington Event was the most intense geomagnetic storm in recorded history, peaking September 1-2, 1859. Not only did it create strong auroral displays that were reported globally, but it also caused sparking and fires in many telegraph stations, and gave some telegraph operators electric shocks.

This geomagnetic storm, most likely due to a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the Sun colliding with Earth’s magnetosphere, is associated with a very bright solar flare on September 1, 1859 (observed and recorded independently by British astronomers Richard Carrington and Richard Hodgson).

If a geomagnetic storm the magnitude of the Carrington event or an EMP bomb were to hit us today, what should we expect?  

Are the so-called “powers-that-be” prepared for such an event, or if not . . . could it send us all back to Stone Age conditions?

If we are NOT PREPARED, then why on September 30, 2017, did the Trump administration shut down the “Congressional Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse,” after it had been in operation for more than 16 years?

At the time, according to members of the former commission, including Dr. William R. Graham and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, “The US infrastructure is NOT PREPARED for an EMP attack.”

During a hearing in October 2017, experts warned the members of the US House of Representatives about the dangers of an EMP bomb. If such a device were detonated, “up to 90 percent of the population of the United States” could be dead within a year

What can we expect from an EMP bomb or Carrington-like geomagnetic storm?
  • Our atmosphere would be slammed with charged particles
  • Satellites in orbit would be disrupted, or fried.
  • High flying airplanes would be bathed in radiation.
  • There would be widespread electrical disruptions, such as power outages, blackouts; shutdown of power grids
  • There would be extensive and “long term” damage to the nation’s electrical power grid. Power outages could last for years.
  • And more . . .
How do we prepare? Are humans vulnerable? What would we see?

We are vulnerable though perhaps not directly. We would see a bright, white light flash before our eyes and feel the power of Sun licks on our skin.

An EMP bomb detonates high above Earth and so does not cause direct casualties. Rather, its destructive power lies in its ability to interfere, disrupt, and damage electronic equipment, for example, power grids disrupted, cars and planes lose power, computer systems crash, facilities like hospitals lose emergency backup power.

Where is the safest place to be?  

Thanks to Earth’s magnetic field, a safe space is created almost directly below the blast that is unaffected by any of the pulses created.

Believe or don’t believe. Prepare or don’t prepare. We all have free will, and, as always, the choice is yours.

See also “EMP Bomb Test: STARFISH PRIME Weapons Test (1962), Earth Changes Hotline

See also “Are you prepared for a Black Sky Event? What is a Black Sky Event?

Black Sky Events are defined as “catastrophic occurrences caused by humans, Nature, or outside influences that can bring society to its knees.”

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