The Soviet Woodpecker: Atmosphere, weather, and brainwave control

If Soviet technology was this advanced in 1976, what is it capable of now?

Many of us have experienced mental and emotional shifts during changes of weather. Imagine the power open to those who, by flicking a switch, could control the earth’s atmosphere and change not only the weather, but the brainwaves of entire populations.

U.S. and Russian governments have long been aware that a strong pattern exists correlating geophysical phenomena and political disturbances, health, and mood.

On October 14, 1976, radio communications throughout the globe were disrupted by powerful radio waves emanating from the then Soviet Union. The broadcasts appeared irregularly and varied between very high and very low frequencies.

The signal, due to its characteristic sound, was dubbed “The Woodpecker.” This sound (heard worldwide by ham radio operators) can be replicated by tapping a pencil on a table at between eight and 14 times a second. The wavelength was traced to alleged “Tesla generator” experiments in the then Soviet cities of Riga and Gomel.

When the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and the Scandinavian countries protested the broadcast, the Soviets “apologized,” blaming the disturbance on “experiments.”

But then, the nature of the wavelengths changed and huge electromagnetic standing waves formed, thousands of miles long, penetrating the earth and extending up into the ionosphere. The standing waves accompanying them stretched down both coasts of North America and along the Eastern frontier of the then Soviet Union.

Then, In March 1978, Eugene, Oregon, became the primary target of “The Woodpecker” signal, perhaps because the 800 mile Bonneville Power Authority transmission ends there [DC 340,000 volts].

(For details, see Mike Thorle, “ Mystery radio signal causing illness,” Eugene Register Guard, March 26-27, 1978.)

Could the relationship between the electromagnetosphere and the EM basis of the human body be exploited as a “strategic weapon”?

Just as the human body’s nervous system operates electromagnetically, so Earth has an electromagnetosphere which, scientists claim, can be altered to produce dramatic weather shifts.

In fact, the earth’s ionosphere oscillates at approximately the same frequency as human brain waves, making it a perfect “carrier” off which EMR radiations (in the brain wave range) can be bounced without any change of frequency.

Among other things, “The Woodpecker” has been “blamed” for subsequent shifts in weather patterns resulting from altered trade winds. But their potential effect on human beings causes even greater concern.

If technology of this type was this advanced almost 50 years ago, what is it capable of in 2022?

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