Loud booms back, actually never left . . . this time in New Hampshire

  • What’s causing loud booms in New Hampshire?
  • What are loud booms?
  • Why are they being heard around the worldwide?
  • What do they mean? 

NASHUA, NH:  On Saturday, February 10, 2017, police in Nashua, New Hampshire, received numerous reports of several loud booms heard in multiple locations citywide, as well as in surrounding towns. Some who reported the loud booms, said they also felt their houses shake. Police are baffled and have no idea what caused the loud booms.

Not only were loud booms heard across Southern New Hampshire, but they were also heard as far north as Manchester, and as far south, as Westford in neighboring Massachusetts.

For some, the cause is unclear. For others, not so much, as this is by no means an unusual phenomenon. The tectonic plates are on the move and these so-called “mysterious loud booms” are only one way in which Mother Earth gives evidence of the compression and stress on her surface.

What is it that has set this in motion?

The proximity of Planet X (Nibiru) to Earth has created an ever-increasing and intensifying Earth wobble, along with increased tectonic plate movement and other bizarre events.

Loud booms have been occurring on many continents ever since Planet X (Nibiru) arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. With the nearness of Planet X (Nibiru), loud booms, as well as major earth changes, bizarre weather, and other catastrophic events are on the uptick and will only increase until the time of the Pole Shift.

Per the Zetas of ZetaTalk, when loud booms occur, it is primarily due to heaving or dropping land or water that causes air masses to rush together (or clap). Loud booms can also be caused by snapping rock, which may or may not cause a measurable earthquake, in the process. Fracturing rock also creates loud booms.

Whether the sound is a boom, a tone, a rumble, a howl, or a hum, the etiology is all the same – the ground is moving or vibrating. Basically, these booms and strange sounds happen in areas around the globe where the tectonic plates are either compressing or pulling apart.

And, even though this apocalyptic phenomenon occurs worldwide with more and more frequency, these so-called “mysterious loud booms” and other weird sounds, get very little, if any, attention from the main stream media, even though they are regularly reported by people around the world on social media.

As always, believe what you will and prepare as best you can for a totally new normal.



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