Planet X (Nibiru), convoluted, but convenient excuses for solar simulator and more . . .

  • What is a solar simulator?
  • Is the solar simulator connected to Planet X (Nibiru)?
  • How are chemtrails connected to Planet X (Nibiru)? 
  • Convoluted, but convenient excuses . . . ? Huh!

What is a solar simulator?

A solar simulator (also known as an artificial sun) is a device developed by NASA that is said to simulate sunlight where sufficient natural sunlight is not available. Supposedly, its purpose is to approximate natural sunlight in a controllable indoor test facility under laboratory conditions, but could there be more to it?

Does NASA really need this “thing”?

Knowledge of Planet X (Nibiru), long known by the-powers-that-be (TPTB), is a top security secret under a National Security Executive Order signed by President Ronald Reagan. TPTB decided it was necessary (for reasons known only to them) to keep the public in the dark about this dire and unchangeable situation (at least until the last possible moment).

They knew there would come a time when they could no longer deny or cover up the presence of Planet X (Nibiru) and knowledge of the accompanying pole shift. But in the meantime, they needed a convoluted but convenient excuse to explain away ever-increasing and intensifying Earth anomalies caused by Planet X (Nibiru) like dangerous electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) and apocalyptic earth changes, now apparent to many.

They also needed a tool to help accomplish their objective—hence, the solar simulator.  So, as directed, NASA patented and developed the solar simulator, which was to be used:

  • When the existence of the massive planet could no longer be hidden by chemtrails.
  • When the giant planet could be seen by all, looming large in the skies.
  • When the excuses given to confuse and placate the public no longer worked.

That time is NOW!

Some convoluted but convenient excuses . .

Not to worry. TPTB have an excuse for everything and anything connected to Planet X (Nibiru). For example,

  • As more and more “second-sun sightings” are captured on cameras around the world, as well as seen with the naked eye by many, expect to hear excuses like,
    “Oh, that! Pay no attention to that. It’s only our solar simulator being tested in the skies. Don’t give it a second thought.”


  • “You’re not seeing what you think you’re seeing. What you think are second-sun sightings are really reflections from our experimental clouds . . . or maybe you are seeing a cloud-seeding effect that drifted into the upper atmosphere creating Planet X (Nibiru) images . . . or maybe it’s just a lens flare.”

And, what they can’t explain away, they will ignore. (Video of NASA’s sun simulator). TPTB have lies and excuses for all the “abnormal and apocalyptic activity” happening around the world daily. Here are five:

  1. Blaming second-sun sightings on – you guessed it – solar simulators.
  2. Blaming extremes of never-before-experienced heat and cold on a loopy jet stream.
  3. Blaming space junk for a slew of green fireballs zipping thru night (and day) skies.
  4. Blaming increased earthquake activity on fracking alone
  5. Blaming loud booms and weird sounds in the sky on sonic booms caused by jets breaking the sound barrier, even in the middle of the night. (Didn’t think jets could break the sound barrier over residential areas in the middle of the night. Did you?)

But, is the cover-up working?

Apparently, not very well. It seems people worldwide would rather believe their lying eyes and not the bogus excuses given by so-called experts. They can see with their own eyes that “used-to-be blue skies” are now white with chemtrails, particularly at sunrise and sunset near the horizon, times when Planet X (Nibiru) is most visible?

Poor NASA! The predicted and hoped-for increase in solar activity never happened. What to do, what to do? Who or what can they blame for the increase in EMPs? Not to worry, they’ll think of something! NASA. not one to give up easily, is now busy engineering the red and blue-green colored clouds we see in the skies.

Well what do you think?

Are TPTB using solar simulators for disinformation purposes? Are NASA, NOAA, USGS, and other agencies falsifying and hiding data from the public? Are solar emission data being “modifying”? Are SOHO and Stereo images air-brushed or cut-and-pasted to remove Planet X (Nibiru) from these images? You bet!

How long can TPTB control (or so they think) what we see or don’t see in skies? Probably, not much longer – time’s just about up! As always, you be the judge of that!

Before you claim conspiracy theory, remember,
CIA created label “Conspiracy Theorists” 1967
to attack anyone who challenges
the “official narrative.”

(Picture Denis Kholod, Smela, Ukraine, Jan 8, 2018)

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