Crane collapse, loud booms and shaking: Coincidence or connection?

  • Tree-cutting crane tips over in NJ neighborhood
  • Trapped worker rescued
  • Loud booms and shaking and toppling crane . . .  connection?
  • Earth wobble intensifying? You bet!

Today, Friday, October 27, 2017, at around 4 p.m. in New Jersey , a tree-cutting crane suddenly came crashing down taking tree branches and power lines with it, and trapping a worker. Earlier in the week, also in New Jersey, loud booms and shaking frightened many residents.

Connection? Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not!

Is the earth wobble intensifying?

The crane suddenly toppled over into a neighboring yard, forcing those watching the operation to scatter.The incident happened as a tree was being cut down on St. Cloud Avenue in West Orange, New Jersey.

Firefighters arrived quickly and worked diligently for about 40 minutes to free the trapped worker, who was conscious when rescued, suffering a broken leg.

So, what caused the crane to topple over? Is there a connection between loud booms and especially shaking in New Jersey and a shaky, toppling crane?

Again, earth wobble, coincidence, or connection? As always, you be the judge of that!

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