Let’s talk earthquake lies and the USGS

  • Do you think the USGS downgrades size/number of quakes?

  • Shouldn’t reports from the epicenter rule?

  • Could a hurricane on the East Coast light up seismometers across the USA?

  • Why do the so-called “experts” try to explain away what we see with our own eyes?

  • Is there something BIG being hidden from the public?

The USGS had been “dumbing-down” the number and magnitude of earthquakes for quite some time now.

Why would they do that?

Perhaps so . . .

  • Statistics generated don’t show a rise in number and intensity of earthquakes, for example, a 7.1 pushed down under 7.0, falls in the lower category.
  • The status quo can be maintained . . . You know, nothing’s changed. You’re imagining things. Everything is the same as it’s always been.
  • The public – workers and taxpayers –  won’t panic and run away to safe locations.
  • Perhaps all of the above and more . . .

Increasingly prevalent earthquakes and quake swarms are not easy to explain away, But, the Planet X (Nibiru) caused “Earth Wobble” is intensifying, so what are TPTB to do?

Guess, telling the public the truth is never an option.

See for yourself in these USGS charts – ANSS for the United States and GSN for the world – for 27 January 2018 (1902 UTC).

These charts are automatically updated every 30 minutes on USGS’s own site. Even here, sometimes the charts are completely black with shaking, while at other times system is turned down so low that it appears nothing is shaking.

GSN Heliplots_pic

What on Earth will TPTB do when the increase in quakes can no longer be manipulated? The short answer is, “if you can’t hide them, just give them a different cause!”

And so, we find so-called scientists giving such excuses as “swarms to the west of the Appalachian Mountains being caused by Hurricane Sandy storm surge!”

Really? The theater of the absurd is open and operating!

For example, when the public reports hearing loud booms, strange sounds from the sky, ground trembling, scores of green fireballs blazing across the sky, the so-called experts explain it all away as

  • Sonic booms (even in middle of the night with no jet planes in the area)
  • Tannerite explosions
  • Fracking
  • Nothing unusual
  • Hurricane Sandy

Quite a feat for an east coast hurricane, huh?

More likely, the result of the earth wobble that scientists are not allowed to discuss. In some cases, the number of quakes reported is reduced, often in front of amazed viewers, who see earthquakes deleted from online databases in front of their eyes.

Or, if it can’t be “logically” explained away, deny, deny, deny!

. . . “nothing happening here, just move along.”

Truth be told, the intensifying earth wobble resulting from pressure put on Earth by Planet X (Nibiru) in the solar system, is the source of a lot of these phenomena. It affects the atmosphere (weather wobbles) as the globe lurches around beneath it. It affects tectonic plates causing them to jerk around and smash into each other, and a lot more.

Expect not only the number of earthquakes to increase, but also things like volcanic eruptions, landslides, landslips, land splitting open, avalanches, weather wobbles, and much more, as this earth wobble continues to intensify.

As always, believe what you will, but keep your eyes on the skies and be prepared.

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