Sky on fire, red sun, and red dust over UK: Should we blame Ophelia? Maybe not!

  • Residents say, “It’s freaking us out!”
  • Ben Shephard: “Not messing around, this light is really freaking us out!”
  • Henry Tudor: “This weird light is very disturbing. I keep expecting four blokes on horses to come galloping out of the sky.”
  • Elliot Wagland: “I just looked out of the window, and it appears the world is about to end”
  • Archer Hampson‏: “Somebody said we should head outside because the world was ending. We thought we’d take our cameras.”

People in England woke up Monday morning, October 16, 2017, to a ghastly red sun and dark sky. The phenomenon was initially seen in the west of England and Wales before spreading to other areas. Some areas were forced to turn on street lights in the middle of the day as the dust partially blocked out the sun.

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Rare phenomenon or something else?

Of course, the powers-that-be, not yet ready to disclosed the presence of Planet X (Nibiru) in our solar system, place blame for the red dust and red sun on everything from sand from the Sahara Desert to Hurricane Ophelia to ash from forest fires in Portugal and Spain, and everything in between. Maybe, maybe not!

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Official explanation

The official explanation seems to be that “former Hurricane Ophelia” is pulling air and dust up from southern Europe and Africa giving the appearance of sunset at midday, caused by dust particles scattering light and making the sun appear red.

These so-called “experts” also say the UK encounters this type of phenomenon with Saharan dust about once or twice a year, though it usually happens overnight not during the day. They also say people could wake up with a layer of red dust on their cars in the morning.

However, it has been said that this unusual phenomenon “started in the west” in England and Wales before sweeping across to the Capital to the east. Others say it was seen in the southwest Monday morning before spreading east across the country in the afternoon.

Question: How could this red dust be from Southern Europe and the Sahara Desert when they are East of England and Wales and the phenomenon started in the west and moved east?

Has this happened in other places?

Yes, similar events have happened many in other areas of the world. For example, dust from the Sahara Desert has been blamed for red dust appearing as far away as Texas, Michigan, Norway, and Canada, and even Siberia.

In fact, in late June of this year, a so-called plume of Saharan dust drifted into Coastal Bend, Texas. It was there for the weekend, bringing with it symptoms similar to allergies (itchy throat/watery eyes), and making sunsets appear more red than is normal and skies hazier.

How long will red dust affect the UK?

Meteorologists say that as Storm Ophelia moves across Scotland on Tuesday and over the North Sea to Scandinavia, conditions in the south of Britain should “improve dramatically,” as the wind coming in from the Atlantic would not contain the same amount of dust. It is expected to clear overnight. Time will tell.

Sign of the times?

For as long as possible, increasing quantities of red dust from the tail of Planet X (Nibiru) will be explained away by the elite-controlled media as dust from the Sahara Desert, the end result of a hurricane, forest fire ash, or any other convenient excuse.

Where it is possible for sand storms to arise in the Sahara, is this heavy red dusting currently being reported really being carried afar by winds?

  • Has this type of red dusting happened in recent years? Yes!
  • Has it happened in centuries past? Yes!
  • Will it happen again soon? Yes!

Think of the blood red dust of legend, turning ponds and rivers blood red, close to the time of previous pole shifts.

So is the world as we know it about to end? Should we expect to see four blokes on horses to come galloping out of the sky. As always,  you be the judge of that!


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