What happens when Earth stops spinning?

  • Will the pole shift cause Earth to stop spinning?
  • If Earth stops spinning, what happens to the oceans?
  • What happens to the atmosphere?
  • What happens to the moon?
  • How long will Earth stop rotating?
  • When will the public be informed of coming apocalyptical events?

Earth stops


In April 2010, National Geographic televised a show called “When Earth Stops.” The show detailed what might happen if Earth gradually stopped rotating. Why did National Geographic choose such a strange scenario, one with people gasping for air and dying, and flooded cities?

Geological records, as well as prophecies and folklore found in cultures around the world, tell of past and warn of future apocalyptic events, so perhaps National Geographic’s strange scenario is not so strange after all. Perhaps something similar has happened in the past and is about to happen once again, something apocalyptic – Planet X (Nibiru) and an approaching pole shift.

The-powers-that-be (TPTB), as well as the so-called elite (those with lots of $$$), have known for years about the approach of something apocalyptic and have had plenty of time to put their escape plans firmly into place. When it becomes clear the Last Weeks are upon us, they will quickly relocate to their bunkers and safe locations, leaving the public uninformed, at least until they are safely tucked away in their bug-out shelters.

What happens when Earth’s rotation stops? 

Earth’s core, which drives rotation, turns slightly faster than the crust. During the Last Weeks, as the crust is held in stopped rotation, the core tries to turn. Per the Zetas of ZetaTalk, it will take weeks to slow Earth’s rotation to a complete stop, and during that time, hours and minutes will be added to the days.

When Earth’s highly magnetized Atlantic Rift is gripped by Planet X (Nibiru), the slowdown of Earth’s rotation begins. As Earth is pulled toward it, Planet X (Nibiru) seems to increase in size in Earth skies. The Zetas explain that after 18 days of slowing rotation, Earth will finally stop and remain stopped for 5.9 days, causing the long day or long night of legend (depending on which side of the planet you are on).

What happens to the oceans?

Earth has an oblate shape, flattened at the poles with bulges at the equator. Per the Zetas, in a crustal displacement, the bulging part of the globe also shifts, causing the oceans to flow slowly toward the poles during the 5.9 days of stopped rotation. Cities along coastlines will be flooded due to sea-level rise caused by tidal sloshing.

What happens to the atmosphere?

As Earth rotates, the Coriolis Effect pushes the atmosphere in a circle from the Equator to the poles. During the time of stopped rotation, the Coriolis Effect will diminish and disappear. The Zetas predict that “the lashing tail of Planet X (Nibiru) will strip away the atmosphere.” However, due to the oceans great oxygenators – kelp forests and algae – the atmosphere will be rebuilt quickly, and unless you are high in the mountains, the effect will not be noticed.

What happens to the Moon?

Due to its composition, one side of the Moon is attracted more to Earth than the other. The Zetas say the Moon will continue to hug Earth during the passage of Planet X (Nibiru) and after the pole shift will continue to orbit Earth, just as it does today.

Why are so-called elite grabbing up land around the planet?

The presence of Planet X (Nibiru) in the inner solar system is no secret to the so-called elite and TPTB (and heads of state). They have been positioning themselves for years for the After Time, grabbing up land around the planet in areas identified by the Zetas as “safe zones.” This grab, as much about water as land, is far from over.

GRAIN, a small international nonprofit organization that works to support small farmers, exposed how a new wave of land grabbing is sweeping the planet. Offshore structures and illicit financial flows often play a big role in these grabs. In 2016, there was a big global farmland grab, with nearly 500 cases of land grabbing around the world.  Why do you think this is happening?

Time to connect the dots!!

TPTB and the so-called elite, long informed about the coming pole shift have no intention of informing the public of anything Planet X (Nibiru) related, until the last possible moment, if ever. After all, they wouldn’t want a public panic to disrupt their plans or stand in the way of their escape.

So, it looks like the general population will be left to their own devices.


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  1. Why are they changing dates and just saying we will be in 15 days of darkness!? They are down playing this as in NASA? Which Countries and States are safe zones??


  2. I want to say Thank You so much for getting info out there for the public!! How can we help with all this???


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