Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 slices US in half: Winds of change blow for US


  • Ready or not, winds of change are blowing for US

  • Eclipses snatch away the familiar

  • Eclipses are cruel to be kind

On Monday, August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse, called the “Great American Eclipse,” slashes across the United States. It begins when the Moon’s shadow (umbral cone) touches down in the north Pacific Ocean at sunrise local time (16:48:33 UT). The Sun will rise totally eclipsed!

From there, just a moment later, the shadow races across the Pacific Ocean coming ashore in Oregon. Totality will be visible only within the thin band of shadow that cuts across the entire contiguous United States (from West to East), exiting in South Carolina.

What does a total solar eclipse foreshadow?

A New Moon occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, disrupting the flow of energy between them. The total solar eclipse will turbo-charge the New Moon, creating a new moon on steroids and giving us a cosmic reboot as it kicks us out of ruts of habitual behavior.

So how will this total solar eclipse affect Earth . . .  and its people?

The effect of this particular eclipse will be felt a little before and for several months after the August 21 date. Eclipses bring chaos, unexpected upsets, and setbacks, forcing us to take action we might otherwise never have considered.  They stir up and intensify the emotions in not so positive ways. All sorts of major crises, in the affairs of both nations and individuals, rear their ugly heads during eclipses. Anything out of balance is spotlighted and brought into the open, along with shocking revelations that rock us to our very core.

Winds of change in the US?

The shadow of the eclipse bisects the country as it slides across the US from West to East, escalating division and strife, especially in states and among people touched by the shadow of the eclipse. The Trump administration should brace for intensified chaos and an unexpected and drastic upset, as Trump’s astrological chart is strongly affected by the August 21 eclipse, which intersects and impacts 14 states from sea to shining sea.

Great American Eclipse

The full impact of the Great American Eclipse of 2017 will affect some states, and people, more than others, depending upon how much of the totality is visible in that state. McClellanville, South Carolina, is the last city to see shadow, which leaves US soil at 4:09 p.m. and heads into the Atlantic Ocean.

Expect the unexpected and you won’t be surprised!

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  1. If a few people lose their minds, it’s on them. It’s just an eclipse people, enjoy it, take pictures❤


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