Physical and mental symptoms experienced before Pole Shift

Planet X symptoms

  • The list is long!

  • Instant-onset fatigue and total exhaustion top the list

  • “Spatially challenged”

  • Symptoms affect both humans and animals

As the Pole Shift nears, many of us will experience detrimental physical and mental effects caused by Planet X (Nibiru) in our solar system. These symptoms affect both body and mind, and the list is long.

(Detrimental effects on animals, birds, and fish are covered in a separate article.) 

Instant-onset fatigue and total exhaustion are key symptoms experienced – fatigue that comes on suddenly and without apparent reason, pressing down on you like a giant weight.

Do you find

  • That it take great effort to do just about anything, even the smallest of things?
  • That once you get moving, the fatigue goes away, that is, until you sit down, when it returns with a vengeance?
  • That you frequently have little or no desire to do anything at all?

Perhaps you have experienced some or all of these symptoms recently:

Are you feeling “spatially challenged”?

As the Planet X (Nibiru) caused Earth wobble violently intensifies, so does the feeling of being “spatially challenged,” that is, out of sync with the world or walking between worlds, without both feet on the ground. In fact, sensitives will even feel a slight swaying or shifting of the ground under their feet from time to time.  (I know I do.)

Other symptoms of disorientation include dizziness and a loss of balance, extreme difficulty focusing, loss of mental clarity, unusual ringing sounds or buzzing in ears or head, vibrating sensations in the body, and hot or cold flashes. Add to the mix, aching joints and muscle pain – a continuous dull pain in a part of one’s body that has nothing to do with age or physical exertion, and either long-term headaches or brief flashes of pain in the head.  Panic attacks come and go quickly.

Have your sleeping and eating habits changed recently?

Do you find that your sleeping and eating patterns have changed drastically, becoming unusual and erratic? When you wake in the morning, do you feel physically exhausted, as though you’d been working out all night? Have your dreams become so intense and vivid that they seem to have really happened? Or, have you found that your ability to dream disappears entirely for long stretches of time, leaving you wondering why and feeling out of sync with the world?

Are you experiencing mood swings and loneliness?

Some are affected by mood swings – from low to high and from high to low – in only minutes. Are you struck with feelings of deep inner sadness, perhaps crying for no apparent reason? Do feelings of loneliness predominate and, even in the company of others, do you feel alone and removed from them. In a desire to flee from groups and crowds, do you find yourself withdrawing or drifting away from relationships with family and friends? If you find it difficult to relate to others now, perhaps it is because you are being strongly affected by their energy. On the other hand, self-talk increases. Have you been having wonderful conversations with yourself of late?

And last, but not least, are you experiencing a deep longing to “go Home” – a deep, overwhelming urge to leave the planet and return “Home.” Do you find yourself saying aloud,  “I want to go home” quite frequently? NOTE: This is not a “suicidal feeling.” It’s just a quiet part of you that really wants to go “Home.”

With Planet X (Nibiru) now creating all kinds of chaos in our neighborhood, be prepared for the onset of some or all of these symptoms as we move toward the time of the Pole Shift. Fortunately, these symptoms come and go, depending upon the amount of energy being exerted by Planet X (Nibiru) at any particular time. Know that you are not alone in your experiences. Forewarned is forearmed!

Have you experience any or many of these symptoms and wondered why? If so, I would live to hear about your experiences.

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  1. I have been asking on every nibiru and psychic website if I could possibly feel the wobble. It feels just like; if you have ever taken a cruise at sea and when you get back on land that you feel as though you are still moving.. Also another feeling some times I can’t describe other than I feel as though I feel like gravity is pulling from a different direction. It’s hard to describe via text.


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