Insanity after Pole Shift in AfterTime: People shall be in commotion

People in commotion

  • What will happen to unprepared, unprotected survivors after the Pole Shift?

  • How many will go crazy in the AfterTime?

  • Will prepared survivors in so-called safe environments go crazy?

  • What does “crazy” mean?

Just imagine how a global catastrophe, like a 90 degree shift of the Earth on its axis, will affect survivors. Without a doubt, a large percentage of them will experience, at the very least, a type of “temporary insanity” — similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) suffered by soldiers in combat and some people after they experience or witness lift-threatening events or natural disasters.

Definition: PTSD, a condition of persistent mental and emotional stress, occurs as the result of an injury or severe psychological shock, typically involving sleep disturbance and constant vivid recall of the experience, with dulled responses to others and to the outside world. 

How do you think people will react, especially the unknowing and unprepared, when the Pole Shift occurs?

When distress is too great to bear, the mind “splits” compartmentalizing in an attempt to isolate the memories. However, any instance that reminds the sufferer of the past trauma results in a sudden return to the scene of the trauma.

In survival communities formed in the AfterTime, survivors may find many in their community irritable, lashing out at others without cause, and fearful. Some may even experience delusions, where dead loved ones are expected for dinner or a dead baby is carried about by its mother. Over time, the mind may heal, as the pain of the past fades from memory and is replaced by recent memories.

Everyone will experience symptoms in their own way:

  • Flashbacks: Reliving the event
  • Avoidance: Avoiding situations that trigger memories of traumatic events
  • Numbness: Holding negative beliefs and feeling guilt and shame for surviving
  • Hyperarousal: Feeling keyed up, jittery, or always on the alert for danger; difficulty concentrating and sleeping; becoming easily angry, irritable, and easily startled

Is this what survivors of the Pole Shift have in store? You bet!

Without a doubt, insanity (temporary for some,  permanent for others) will increase in the AfterTime. How could it not after the trauma and tremendous losses to be experienced by everyone on the planet, when their once-familiar and friendly world disappears forever, in an instant.


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  1. Not only the pole shift but the “AfterTime” after the Rapture! Millions of people disappearing in the blink of an eye, children and infants disappearing right in front of parents, planes, trains and automobiles crashing everywhere from no pilots or drivers….it’s going to be absolute CHAOS.


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