Elite dumping ocean front property as sea level rises and Pole Shift nears: “So now the rich have to find a place to live?”

Rising seas

  • Elite practically giving away large estates near ocean?

  • What do they know that the rest of us don’t know?

  • Pole Shift jitters for the rich! See how they run . . .

Why on Earth would the rich and powerful want to dump their beautiful, ocean front properties?  Do they have some “inside information” on what lies ahead for good ole Planet Earth that the rest of the world population does not have, or by their thinking does not need?

The elite (also known as the powers-that-be [TPTB]) work together as one to manage and control the rest of us, dolling out news and bits of information as they see fit. You see, control is very important to this tightly knit group.

But, unfortunately for this tightly knit group of rich and powerful people, Planet X (Nibiru) does not play favorites, regardless of how much money or influence one has. It will not only wreak havoc on their comfortable lifestyles, but on their ability to control circumstances, as well.

So how do you think TPTB will respond to catastrophic Earth changes and the last days before the Pole Shift?  Most likely . . . like rats deserting a sinking ship!

See how they run

At first, the rich and powerful will rely on governments and the mass media they control to repress news of Planet X (Nibiru) incoming by omitting, downgrading, and outright lying about catastrophic earth and climate changes, as is currently done.

Where is the mainstream media when it comes to reporting news of second sun sightings, loud mysterious booms, and radical earth changes around the world? Silent!  The public must be kept “uninformed” for as long as possible.

Mushroom management:  
Keep ’em in the dark (uninformed and happy) and feed them BS.

TPTB have always withheld any news or truth from the public that they deemed unsuitable for public consumption or information the public couldn’t handle . . . and always “for their own good.” So, the next step in Mushroom Management will likely be to bring down the Internet so Planet X and Pole Shift News can’t be share on social media.

TPTB say, “The public can’t possibly handle devastating news like this. They might panic prematurely, before we’ve had a chance to put our escape and survival plans firmly into place. We must ensure our own survival.  We could loose control of the masses, and we can’t have that. Best to wait until the last possible moment, when we are snugly settled into our bug-out bunkers before we share this news.”

So, what do you think will happen when TPTB can no longer suppress the news of Planet X (Nibiru) incoming from the people?

  • When they see unusual phenomena in the sky for which the so-called “experts” have no explanation?
  • When they see bizarre phenomena and believe their own “lying eyes”?
  • When they hear loud mysterious booms and other strange sounds and refuse to accept bogus explanations like “tannerite explosions” and “jet planes breaking sound barriers” in the middle of the night”?
  • When they feel Earth shake under their very feet and rattle their houses and are told by USGS and others that no earthquake occurred?

What then? 

Like rats silently deserting a sinking ship, TPTB will slip quietly away in the dead of night to their well-stocked underground enclaves and bunkers, leaving the rest of us to sink or swim as best we can.

luxury underground bunkers.png

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, if you aren’t already prepared, it’s not too late to prepare now. The coming Pole Shift is a reality.

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7 thoughts on “Elite dumping ocean front property as sea level rises and Pole Shift nears: “So now the rich have to find a place to live?”

  1. When idiots built skyscrapers on Thames &Brisbane rivers the y installed a Dam wall and we’re shocked when the river rose and filled basements. Just take a look at Surfers Paradise. We stopped a dam wall at Venus Bay . Even farmers knew water would back up on their grazing land. Why are rich people so stupid? The rats will be first to grab their money and run.


  2. Occams Razor would indicate that this is simply a property panic by jumpy real estate owners. The SIMPLEST explanation is mass panic, NOT gobal climate change.


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