What happens to the Internet if a catastrophic event cuts undersea cables

The undersea fiber-optic cable system is essential infrastructure for the global economy. It’s responsible for transmitting 95-99 percent of global communications, connecting every continent, except Antarctica. Unfortunately, this huge system of cables lying beneath the world’s oceans is surprisingly vulnerable. Dropped ship anchors, dropped fishing nets, and sharks, as well as natural disasters, have badly damaged undersea Internet cables. For instance, a 2006 earthquake severed cables disrupting Internet access in Taiwan.

So, what happens to the Internet if a catastrophic event severs undersea cables? The short answer is “a catastrophic cable event would severely impact us all, bringing the entire world to its knees.”

Even though severed undersea Internet cable is something that can and does happen at any time, most of us never give it a thought – that is, until something goes wrong.

Well, something is about to go very wrong and soon. You see, Planet X (Nibiru) is in our solar system. It visits about every 3,657 years. When it does, it heaves those old tectonic plates around until, eventually, Earth experiences a dramatic and disastrous pole shift. As it has in pole shifts past, Earth will survive the destruction, as will “some of us.”

In any case, the proximity of Planet X (Nibiru) in our cosmic neighborhood creates an increasingly violent Earth wobble. About 200 cable systems (funneled through narrow pressure points around the world and concentrated in a few areas) carry all Internet traffic across the oceans. Due to pressure put on tectonic-plates by this wobble, it’s just a matter of time until massive earth movement severs the global Internet cable system. Repercussions will be severe, not only for the Internet but for the world.

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Examples of cable cuts around the world in 2017:

  • Vietnam: Twice so far this year, Internet cable service disrupted, triggered by undersea cable cuts between Vietnam and Hong Kong.
  • Republic of Congo, June: A cable connecting to an international cable was cut in the Atlantic, triggering nationwide Internet disruptions.
  • UK, February: Submarine cable in UK-territorial waters was cut. The 6,000-mile (9800-km) cable stretches from UK across West Africa with landing points in Nigeria, London and Lisbon.
  • Norway, February: In Nordland county, submarine cable cut that could not be repaired left a town without services (line completely replaced).
  • Marshall Islands, January: After >3 weeks in Internet purgatory following cable cut, Islands back online. Cable links country to outside world.

Here are a couple of BIG ones – simultaneous cuts in different countries:

  • Jan-Feb 2008, Internet cables crossing the Mediterranean were cut. Multiple breaks identified around Arabian Plate from Alexandria to Dubai.
  • Dec 2008, Internet cables cut simultaneously at Alexandria, Dubai, and in Asia.

Internet Connection Cut Between Europe, Asia and Africa, December 21, 2008Millions of internet and telephone users across Middle East and south Asia struggled to get connections after damage to undersea cables linking Europe, Africa, and Asia took down major route for Internet traffic. As much as 70% of internet and telephone traffic between the continents affected by outage, which was caused by damage to “a string of cables” that run under the Mediterranean between Italy and Egypt.

This “string of cable cuts” was said to be caused by anchors ripping through the cables. Huh? At the same time? In different countries? Causing simultaneous damage to lines through the Middle East? Could sharks or fishing nets cause simultaneous cable cuts in multiple countries? Coincidence?

The answer is, undersea cables are laid cross tectonic-plate borders. When tectonic plates move, cable cuts happen in many places simultaneously. The Zetas of ZetaTalk (and common sense) tell us:

Simultaneous cable cuts across Europe, Asia, and Africa are not caused by anchors, sharks, or even minor earthquakes. Per the Zetas, as a result of pressure put on Earth by Planet X, the African Plate is rolling its top eastward, pushing against the top of the Arabian Plate and causing it to roll as well. Undersea cables, anchored so they can be located for maintenance, stretch and snap under the pressure put on them by plate movement.

This is not the first time simultaneous cable cuts have occurred in different countries, and, unfortunately, it won’t be the last.

For those with eyes to see, the handwriting is on the wall. Major Earth changes are afoot. Proof of an approaching calamitous event – the pole shift – can be found in such current world events as a weather wobble (wild fluctuating weather extremes), underground explosions, exploding pipelines, breaking water mains, building and land collapses, sinkholes, sloshing seas, methane leaks, and other “new normal” disasters.

In case you haven’t noticed, these disastrous events often happen simultaneously across many locations. Coincidence?

So, how do you prepare for a catastrophic event? The keys to survival are knowledge and preparation. Are you prepared?

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